Whenever I see a post

Or a poem

Or an ad

That says this generation is

The best

I can’t always agree.

I can’t see the power

Or riches in our hands.

I can’t see the intellegence

Or amazement that we have.

The weirdest thing

I think however

Is that my faith in my generation

Can only be restored

When looking at Internet memes.

Some of which are deep.

And thought provoking.

That we can use the same image

A thousand times over

And never say the same thing twice.

We can caption ourselves

To find the good and bad.

We over think things.

And under think too.

– writingdilegently


2 thoughts on “Memes

  1. neonbunny11

    I thought our generations was a retarded version of the dictionary with the new words and apparently stupid music that has no meaning



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