Why do these things happen to me?


So, I simply was waiting right outside my school for my friends to show. This was roughly 7:32 am EST. I just stood there against the gate looking in the direction my friends’ bus comes.

I look around and notice a middle aged white man with a satchel and papers in his hands. I look away, uninterested, and continue my waiting. I hear a noise disrupting my thoughts. His voice.

‘You look like a young woman who has her whole life ahead of her.’ I think to myself, Oh gosh really! I didn’t even notice I looked that way. ‘You must have many questions about your future.’ Oh you know what?!! I DO have sooooo many questions! Mistakenly, I looked up at him. He proceeded to give me a pamphlet. He pointed o it and said, ‘There are answers from the bible there. I’ll just leave it to you for your reading.’

To respond to him, I looked him in the eyes, ripped up the pamphlet, and threw it in the trash.

He looked at me wide eyed, then walked away.

Maybe he saw the devil in me 🙂

– writingdilegently


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