How (not) to be a goth


Okay, I dress in black a lot…… But I don’t consider my current style goth…. More like punk maybe? I don’t know…. I don’t really like labels….. If you call me emo I will kill you  Enjoy the post!

How not to be goth!

1) Wear black everything. Underwear, socks, shirts, sneakers, even makeup.

2) Have panda eyes…. Always

3) Look sad or distant and bored. But never cry. Ever.

4) Drink blood in a wine glass with every meal. Wear fangs for a bonus.

5) Get really skinny or really fat. Nothing in the middle.

6) Shave all your hair except the hair on your head. Let that grow really long.

7) Speak in old english

8) Obtain a casket. Used possibly.

9) Watch all of Jhonny Depp’s ‘creepy’ movies

10) Only listen to classical music…. Or any gothic artist.

– writingdilegently


Just a story (fiction)


Everyone has been told those stories.

Crazy. Scary. Unrealistic. They tell the same ones. The classics. Well, they are just stories….. Right. That true disbelief, that’s just your mind coping. You trying to force yourself into a calm. Make yourself believe the lie. The biggest lie out there. The lie that we are all safe. And none of those ‘things’ can harm you. But you face so many chances to die everyday….. But back to my point….

You know those stories? Bloody Mary…. Angry clowns….. Those things that hide underneath the bed…. Children are scared without hearing these stories… Because they know that they are real…. I gave up trying to not believe. Back when I had the incident. I was about 9 or 10…. My friend and I were having a sleep over. We stayed up till midnight. We did the bloody Marry thing in the bathroom. She pulled out her grandmother’s ouijia board. Nothing happened. We laughed… The next night I was home.

I had an eerie feeling running down my spine…. I brushed it off without a second thought. Around 11 pm, a noise woke me up. Really loud. I opened my eyes, and against the wall, I saw a shadow. A shadow of a girl, or maybe a woman. Her hair was wild…… She was calling my name softly……. I cried in my bed till morning came….. Oh, and did I mention… My parents were at a dinner…. And I’m an only child….

– writingdilegently

Halloween Candy


The funny part about going trick

Or treating

Is when you come back

To give out some candy

Rarely anyone comes to your house

So you have double the candy

That you now have no choice but to eat it all

– writingdilegently



We use the word equality

So freely today

As if we are able

With our judgmental minds

And preset ways

To actually change

And see each other

For not the color of their skin

Or the gender they choose

Or the way that they go.

In order to really stop

All the hate

We would need to massacre

The people who can’t see past the lines that define

But war unto war

For us is unjust

At this stage in our humanity

Why can’t we be just that


No freedom till we’re equal

Hell right I support it

– writingdilegently

Live like you are dying


We try to go

And live like we are dying

Because for every second

We sit on earth

We are one moment closer

To our deaths

Yet for the most part

If you really think

If I died tomorrow

Is this what I’d do?

The answer is usually no

We feel like

These imaginary obligations

Are what we need to do

That we do for future happiness

But happiness should be always

Not later

Who knows if you will even get a later?

– writingdilegently