I snapped at a teacher today….


Well, to be more clear, I tore her down.

The short story is that in class we were learning about healthy and unhealthy relationships. Now, this teacher has a bad reputation for being difficult and for loosing students’ work. For our assignment, we had to write an essay, poem, or skit based off of certain criteria. I of corse wrote a poem. Simple, yet very deep.

I called her over to read my poem just so that she could see I did work. She started picking apart my grammar. She criticized my use of the word ‘forevermore’ and told me to add a ‘P.S’ at the end. If you could see my face you would understand how stupid this all was to me. I turned to her, looking her in the eye and said….

‘First of all, you are my advisory teacher. Not my english teacher. Second off, this is poetry. Poetry. There are no clear rules for what makes a poem. Most poems like this one are more figurative than literal. Poetry does not have to be grammatically correct. Nor do you have to write in complete sentences.”

All this in a rather monotone voice. At that point she looked at me quietly, then said, ‘Okay.’ I better get an A for that poem.

– writingdilegently


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