Mitch Albom – the five people you meet in heaven


This this my third book I have read from this author. Let me start off with the fact that I love his writing style.

The five people you meet in heaven is just well written in my eyes. It’s rather short since I was able to read it in a day, but it was worth the money and time. Heaven is a concept that we all have a slightly different perception of. Even if you, like me, don’t believe in heaven or hell, there is a certain idea you hold about it. I am simply awe struck by the thoughts swimming in my head. Why are we all here? What is our mission? How many lives do we cross everyday?

That is the highlight of the book, I believe. We are all connected. Somehow, someway, we effect the lives of every single other person on earth.

– writingdilegently


One thought on “Mitch Albom – the five people you meet in heaven

  1. I came across this book and author by chance. When I began to read it I went back to think about all those people I have met in my life and how they have taught me something about myself. It is a definite jewel to read the pages of this book with an open mind and to find yourself buried within the lessons received from all who have at some point crossed our paths. The book is an Eye-opener of how many lives touch us and how many we touch without realizing it. Very happy to have stumbled with this book.



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