What I saw the other day


Sitting in the back seat of the family car, I have seen amazing acts of human kindness, responsibility, and time and time again my faith in humanity has been restored. This, was not one of those times.

This time I saw a rather disgusting looking mother push her child down the block in a stroller. She stopped pushing the stroller to check her make up in a car side view mirror. So, with her carelessness and the baby moving about, down came baby. Right down to the sidewalk. She didn’t notice until the baby started crying. The she picked up the child, uprights the stroller, then keeps walking. Some people shouldn’t have kids.

– writingdilegently


2 thoughts on “What I saw the other day

  1. My Fifth Journal

    As a mother of two babies still in strollers – that woman would have heard my thoughts loud and clear. I would have shown my care for the babies first (what a REAL mom would do) then ask her “How did that happen?!?” Let her feel the weight of her stupidity



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