The First Three Notebooks


This is a post I’m rye blogging from about a month ago 🙂



My first published masterpiece.

The First Three Notebooks is what I spent a year and a half pouring my soul into. It is a story that revolves around 3 young boys. This is a snippet from their life. They are triplets with special abilities. SIGHT, SPOKEN, and SOUND battle through their own disabilities and also a dark family history.

Here is a piece of the action:

They say eyes are the windows of the soul, that you must speak the truth, that the sound of the ocean is a magical one.

I cannot see as you can. I see the future and the past but never the present. My name is Sight. I am the eldest of the “Skilled Triplets”.

I cannot talk as you can. My words are not comprehended by the human race but animals and ghosts can hold a conversation with me. My name is Spoken. I…

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