That moment when a kid comes late and the teacher calls their parent


As you can figure out from the title of my post, I had one of those moments today. I’m never late. Ever. However I’m going to safely say that 70% of the kids I go to school with are always late. One kid in particular was 30 minutes late to class.

My history teacher pulls out her cell phone and makes a call. ‘Okay, everybody finish your paragraph on the French Revolution.’ She calls the boy out of the room and we are silent so that we can hear the conversation.

‘Hello, yes I’m your son *name*’s global history teacher. Yes, your son was 30 minutes late to class. It is currently 8:30. Class begins at 8:00.” She pauses. ‘Here.’ She passes off the phone.

*name* says, ‘Hi dad.’ Pauses, then replies, ‘Yes I still have it.’ Pauses again then hangs up the phone.

I happened to have the opportunity to ask what his father had said to him. This is the response I get. ‘He said, “Do you still have the $5 I gave you?” Then hung up the phone.’

Funniest thing I heard all day.

– writingdilegently



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