To a student from a student


So, I’ve noticed a lot of my post have been random as hell, and I write a lot about poetry. I feel like I need to write something that can really change a person. Maybe.


Fellow learners,

I love learning. I grew up watching the history and science channels. I love being able to understand things and just have ideas to draw on. A lot of people hate school. It’s not because they don’t want to learn. It’s because they don’t understand the benefit from it. They always ask ‘How will this help me long term?’ Well, the short answer is, it won’t. I’m a writer. Algebra does nothing for me in this situation. The long answer is always the more interesting one. The long answer is it will help you in every aspect of your life. First off, it allows you to be able to react to your society. By that I mean, it keeps you from ignorance. Everyone needs to grasp the simple things. If you don’t go to school and put in that effort, you’re gunna be the fool on youtube saying the moon is a planet. Secondly, you learn skills. Problem solving. Social interactions. Decision making. Things you HAVE to deal with in life. Now, I know what you’re saying, ‘I can live my life on the Internet’. That’s not living. That’s just existing. Existing is no fun. I’m not sure how much of a benefit this is, or if you’re even still reading. But take it from a 15 year old who know how boring school is, do the work now, or it’ll bite you in the butt later.




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