I stand tall with none but myself. Only me. Only my breath. I am alone. Separated by a wall. A thick hot red wall. Hot. Yes that’s it hot. A hot wall. But no. Focus on me. On myself. Focus. Nothing else. Not the flames biting your toes. No not that. Not the pain. No. No pain. Forget the pain….. Think about what you’ve done. You’ve cured people. Cured them of ailments. Yes. You are like a doctor. Oh….. But you never went to school. What’s tickling my legs….. Oh no….. Just flames. Oh it is not now. What happened to my feet. Darn. Oh well. Don’t think about the pain. Oh my skin is wet. That’s pleasant….. No wait. Just sweat. God. Yes god! How could I forget. I pray now to the all father. Yes. Take me to the promised lands….. Oh no. Don’t think about that. Don’t think about death. It’s on my sleeves now…. My skin is sooo hot. It’s sticky. My legs….. My legs are gunna give…… No. Strength. I am a healer. Why torture me so….. Why? What cruelty. Why? Why? Why? I’m down now. I shall not weep. I shall not plead….. This is my end….. Oh my eyes…. My skin….. My….. Everything……. I can hear them above the crackling. Perhaps a cry of pardons. Perhaps they are sorry about the pain…. No. They scream burn witch burn…..


– writingdilegently



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