Maybe I’m an atheist.

Maybe I’m not.

Maybe I believe in God.

I’m sure I do not.

By description….

I am an atheist.

No god. No devil. No heaven. No hell.

Just life.

But why do we have life?

I suppose it is the workings of a god.


Not god.


More supreme being.



But so are we.


– writingdilegently


7 thoughts on “Atheist?

    • Originally, I didn’t want to approve your post, cause it got me rather upset. But, I decided to approve it because, you have a right to your opinion. I don’t have children, and if you took time to read anything else on my site you would know that. I have a VERY clear idea on love and kindness. I am an ATHEIST so I COULD bash out everything that is stupid about your religion, but I actually, don’t care enough about you to do so.

      – writingdilegently



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