Book vs. Ebook


It was a few days ago that I thought about this. I remember sitting in the family car. Staring out my window. My father, under his breath whispered, ‘Reading is a dieing art….’ I cannot what struck this thought, but I know what it made me think. People read all the time.

Now I do realize he was not talking about reading. He was talking about physical books. Rarely do people read books anymore. Call me old fashioned, but along with typewriters and quill pens, books have a special place in my heart. In fact, I refuse to acknowledge someone as an author if they don’t sell physical copies of their written work. Here is how I see it:


Ebooks are all digital. You can get hundreds of thousands and keep them all in your pocket. You can buy them for free, or dirt cheep. You can find any section by searching for a phrase or word. Those are the ‘benefits’.



Books are things with pages and edges and character. You can enjoy the beautiful covers. You can read it without glare. You can read at any time. (Just need light). You can fold the pages. You can buy bookmarks. You don’t have to worry about someone stealing it. Who the hell would steal a book? Those are some of the benefits. Books are also handy in survival. Use the pages to keep your fire going. Use it to jot down notes. Books are beautiful. The fact is, living in NYC I’ve been in the subway too many times to count. I always see people reading physical books! It’s not like they can’t get Ebooks since they all have smartphones. Books are just beautiful.


And as a closing I will use one of my favorite quotes.


It’s more impressive to walk into someone’s home and see a bookcase then it is to see an Ereader -unknown


– writingdilegently


what side are you on? Answer in the comments


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