Chapter 2: the first one


Dear mother,

Tomorrow my life changes forever. It’s not a good change like you said it would be. It a horrid one. Tomorrow I start middle school. Without you. You sent me away with father. I’m so scared and so lonely without you.

When the plane took off, father told me how you picked my name. He’s told it so many times…..

While you were pregnant with me, you only ate warm things. Hot chocolate. Freshly baked cookies. Warm soup. And peppermint. You love peppermint. On the day I was due, it started to snow. Father said the first snowflake fell right as you went into labor. When the nurse asked what you wanted me to be named, you told her what you experienced throughout the pregnancy. You asked her, ‘What do all those things symbolize?’ She shook her head. ‘Winter,’ you said. ‘Winter. That is her name.’

I love that story. I love my name. I love you. But I miss you. Why did you send us away?

Missing you,

Winter D Larnce


– writingdilegently



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