Black And White


Stop touching me

You’re leaving dirt markes where I’m white.

You poke to make me scream.

Do you think that tickles!?

Running ur hand back and forth….

Its tramitizing.

Then you complain when my mind goes loose.

And my vocal cords snap.

You are foul creatures.

Your dog tried to bite my legs.

You left my mouth open.

You let strangers touch me ugh!

When you forced me to move from your grandmother’s house

They let me swing

Like I was doing trapeze.

You know I hate hights.

Oh…. But it is a man’s world….

I am but a piano……

– writingdilegently


Heel to toe


Sounds of the soul blasting through my ears and into my brain. I check one more time. The door locked tight. A deep breath in. A smile. A deep breath out. Strech first girl! Strech first! My body limber. My tips to my tips. Fingers to toes. Arms shaking out the tension softly. Then I let the soul searching start. The lyrics mean nothing now. Just words. The song is not the focus. The feelings are. The placement of my feet. The rise and fall of my chest. Circles maybe. My hips not missing a beat. My heart keeping rhythm. My feet. My feet placed carefully. Solidly. And the music drowns out, so does the energy. Another emotion. Bliss. Just let loose. No longer carefull. No longer elegant. Just what I feel. A knock on the door. ‘What are you doing?’

‘Just dancing!’ A reply. No. Not just. Also feeling. Also living. Also enjoying.


– writingdilegently

Memory reboot


Day 1: 

I remember, when I was 10, I hit my first home run. I remember the feeling of the wind in my hair. I remember the force of the ball on my bat. My little boy legs. Run! Run! Run! My heart ready to pound out of my chest. Hooray! Hooray!

When I got out of my car, I walked up the cobble stone path, and opened the door to my house. On my shelves, trophies of all sizes lined my walls. My body ached from practice. I laid down for a nap on my laZy boy recliner….


Day 2: 

When I was 6 I fell out of a tree. My brothers and I were playing obstacle corse in our back yard. I couldn’t reach the other limb and well…. THUMP! The feeling of my bones crunching was horrible. I screamed I think…. I broke 3 leg bones….

When I got out my car, I limped to my front door slowly. When I opened the door I could see the empty shelves lining my walls. I never knew what to put there. I sat down at my desk. Just need to finish some more work…..


Day 3:

When I was 10, I realized I sucked at sports. I was playing base ball. All bases were loaded. I could feel the wind in my hair. The ball was coming at me at full force….. But I swung too late. I fell over my own feet when I spun from my own force…. Oh well…. I quit sports and went to something more… Engaging.

When I got out of my car I walked to my house on the corner. Sweet suburbia. I kissed my wife hello and sat down on our modern couch. We spoke politics and healthcare before retiring to bed. 


Day 4:

When I was in the middle of high school, I had a beautiful girlfriend. She was so so pretty….. 

When I got off the bus from school, I walked the rest of the way to my apartment. It was my turn to watch the kids. They were waiting for me in the lobby. I ordered pizza for them and took a nap…..


Day 5:

5 days ago I found the time machine.

Who knew that such little changes could modify a life so drastically. 


– writingdilegently

Writer’s block


How do you focus your thoughts 

And decide what to write?

Just write whatever.

Write what comes to mind.

Sometimes it’s not that easy.

Sometimes it’s just to hard.

If I were to just write anything

Anything at all

I would just be writing




Is it just me…..

Or isn’t it a bit ironic

That when stuck in writer’s block,

We have our inability to write

As a writing topic?


– writingdilegently


When you enter……


When you enter, there is a door. Walk past the door. Just do it. You don’t want to know what hides there. Past the door you see a slit pathway. The sign says go left.

left: you go down a road that leads to nothing. You end back at the sign.

right: you go down a path. That path leads to a courtyard with fountains and all that pretty stuff you would expect. 

Continue down and you get to the front door. You can go to that one.

The kitchen holds the memories. The library the beliefs. The bedroom the dreams. The closet…. Don’t go into the closet…..


That’s a short (and very general) outline of my mind.





Thinking uses up too much of our day time. I think I should. I think I can. I think I will. We need to shut up and simply do. Just do whatever the hell you feel like doing. When you stop thinking you start living. You can give me as much or as little credibility for that ‘fact’ as you’d like. Out of all the years of my life *cough* 15 *cough* I have spent most of them in my head. Thinking thinking thinking. At one point I was so lost I’m my thoughts I boycotted ‘friends’ and just sat expressionless at the sky. The worst thing you can do is think about your thinking for a long period of time. You end up wasting your time. (Like I am right now)


– writingdilegently



Call it what you will

The feelings that you have

Happy, sad, angry….


The best

And the worst

Are surprisingly the same.

The feeling of nothing.

Its the worst and the best.

When you truly feel nothing, you don’t have to care

When you feel nothing, you don’t have to try

But nothing takes away something

And that something makes us human

Emotions of all types

Cover the nothing

And give us something