Memory reboot


Day 1: 

I remember, when I was 10, I hit my first home run. I remember the feeling of the wind in my hair. I remember the force of the ball on my bat. My little boy legs. Run! Run! Run! My heart ready to pound out of my chest. Hooray! Hooray!

When I got out of my car, I walked up the cobble stone path, and opened the door to my house. On my shelves, trophies of all sizes lined my walls. My body ached from practice. I laid down for a nap on my laZy boy recliner….


Day 2: 

When I was 6 I fell out of a tree. My brothers and I were playing obstacle corse in our back yard. I couldn’t reach the other limb and well…. THUMP! The feeling of my bones crunching was horrible. I screamed I think…. I broke 3 leg bones….

When I got out my car, I limped to my front door slowly. When I opened the door I could see the empty shelves lining my walls. I never knew what to put there. I sat down at my desk. Just need to finish some more work…..


Day 3:

When I was 10, I realized I sucked at sports. I was playing base ball. All bases were loaded. I could feel the wind in my hair. The ball was coming at me at full force….. But I swung too late. I fell over my own feet when I spun from my own force…. Oh well…. I quit sports and went to something more… Engaging.

When I got out of my car I walked to my house on the corner. Sweet suburbia. I kissed my wife hello and sat down on our modern couch. We spoke politics and healthcare before retiring to bed. 


Day 4:

When I was in the middle of high school, I had a beautiful girlfriend. She was so so pretty….. 

When I got off the bus from school, I walked the rest of the way to my apartment. It was my turn to watch the kids. They were waiting for me in the lobby. I ordered pizza for them and took a nap…..


Day 5:

5 days ago I found the time machine.

Who knew that such little changes could modify a life so drastically. 


– writingdilegently



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