Heel to toe


Sounds of the soul blasting through my ears and into my brain. I check one more time. The door locked tight. A deep breath in. A smile. A deep breath out. Strech first girl! Strech first! My body limber. My tips to my tips. Fingers to toes. Arms shaking out the tension softly. Then I let the soul searching start. The lyrics mean nothing now. Just words. The song is not the focus. The feelings are. The placement of my feet. The rise and fall of my chest. Circles maybe. My hips not missing a beat. My heart keeping rhythm. My feet. My feet placed carefully. Solidly. And the music drowns out, so does the energy. Another emotion. Bliss. Just let loose. No longer carefull. No longer elegant. Just what I feel. A knock on the door. ‘What are you doing?’

‘Just dancing!’ A reply. No. Not just. Also feeling. Also living. Also enjoying.


– writingdilegently



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