Nightmare Man


I looked up at the dim red light of my alarm clock. 3:00 am. Figures.

I laid there quiet in my bed, hands shaking, trembling really, as I waited. I could feel the cool air suddenly pass over my body pinch my skin up in goosebumps.

I could have pulled the covers up, but that would just draw out my torment. I chanced a glance around my room, to the empty chair in the corner, my open closet, the doorframe. Nothing. I had a slight hope growing in my mind, but it was short lived. My bed begain to shake.

Under the bed.

I closed my eyes tight and silently screamed for my heart to not pound out of my chest.

It has begun.

That night, it was the whispers. His dry, mothball breath scratching against my right ear. Whispering. “Long time do see sweetheart.” It sent a shiver down my spine, my eyes snapped open, but I quickly shut them again.

I caught a glimmer of it’s eyes as it quickly retreated into the shadows.

I would have had to be a fool if I thought that he was done.

The bed shook more violently this time. This was followed by a loud wailing. I reflexively covered my ears. Laughter next filled the room. Dry, humorless laughter.

I started to scream. “Stop it! Stop it!”

Then suddenly, silence. Except of course for my quivering and gasping breath.

I sat up. Why, I have no idea. Stupid me.

Quicker than I could comprehend, my pony tail was grabbed and violently yanked back. My head bashed against the headboard.  I winced, my hand moving to my head. Half an accelerated beat later, my ankle was grasped by cold bony fingers. I nearly flew off the bed.

I tried not to squirm as he held my in his icy embrace. I whimpered while he grasped my head with his claw of a hand and pressed my ear to his heartless chest. He whispered softly as I sobbed, ” Sleep now sweetheart.”

I awoke to the sunlight from my window hitting my face. The only proof of the night was a dull aching from my skull.

3 years of this. Sleep. Wake. Him.

My nightmare man.

written by: Angelina Rosa (me)



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