Heights and coasters


I love the adrenaline rush

Of being in the air

My body barely held by metal

The wind in my hair

The feeling of being above all

From the sky we are all beautiful

The trees and hills and little tiny people

I love the speed of a roller coaster

The near death defying 

The speed 


The speed

Faster faster

Round and round

I love that feeling

When your stomach drops

It’s the feeling of living

The feeling that you might even die

Thats when your life is strongest

When you play with death


– writingdilegently


Another world


A place all my own.

A place worth exploring.

No laws.

No rules.



This is the world of a reader.


No rules.

Endless possibilities.

Interesting people.

Freedom of speech.

This is the world of a writer.


I journey through worlds.

Constantly back and forth.

A writer and a reader.


– writingdilegently


A cold summer


What happened this year? I can remember past summers long ago (okay, not that long). An image stuck in my head. Sitting in my grandmother’s livingroom. Drenched in sweat. Dripping from my nose, to my little white pegs on my battleship board. That is what summer means to me. It has failed to reach a temperature sutable for those conditions. Iam very disappointed. so much for global warming…


– writingdilegently

A question


This might sound crazy but……

Is there anyone else that reminisces in third person?

When I recall a memory, I always see it from an outwardly point of view as if I’m looking at myself. Does this happen to anyone else?


– writingdilegently

Why I write


I love to write. I try to write everyday. I am determined, to write everyday. I write on my blog. And I write in my countless journals.

I don’t write for the likes. I don’t write for the follows. (Though they are appreciated 🙂 ) On here I write to get my brain to be active. I don’t edit my work (although I should) and nothing is pre written (unless otherwise noted). I write to get better at it. I write to make myself happy. I write to inspire. I write to humble. I write to share.

In my journals, I write for me. I write to get my ideas out of my head. I write to get better. I write to pass time. I write so that I can feel like I’m talking to someone who has no judgments.

In my stories, I write for me. But I also write for an audience. I love the smiles of my friends. The looks of concentration on their faces. I love to hear them scream ‘please write more!’ That is my motivation to keep writing for readers.


– writingdilegently

Friendship Vow


I vow to be your friend

To hold your hand

Hug you tight

Listen to your problems

As long as you help me with mine

Call you everyday 

To make sure your alive

Love you like a sister

When you need my love the most

Bring you ice cream

When you’re sick

Tell you only the best stories

As we sit and gossip all night

To watch out for you everyday 

And make you smile when it rains

Stand up for you

When the world is against you.

I vow to be your friend.


– writingdilegently


dedicated to my best friend ( Dalissa Duran)


Angry Air


When there is someone angry in a room, everyone can feel it. Even the youngest can get the vibe. It travels through the air. It makes the air heavy, like a thick milkshake. It makes the air hot, the anger does. You can almost choke on it if you take too deep of a breath. You can’t diffuse anger like you can sadness. Sadness requires a joke or two. Anger…… Anger is to strong. The only cure….. Back away slowly and wait an hour.


– writingdilegently